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Further Details

  • How long is each Spanish course?
    1. Beginner & Elementary 9h + 1.30h free conversation 2. PreIntermediate & Intermediate 9h + 1.30h free conversation 2. Postintermediate & Advance 9h + 1.30h free conversation
  • How are the Spanish course levels structured?
    We offere 3 levels, the first one, is broken up into 2 courses (Beginner A1 & Elementary A2), the second one (the largest!) into 5 courses (B1 & B2), and the third one into 4 courses (C1 & C2): 1. Beginner & Elementary 2. Pre Intermediate & Intermediate & Post Intermediate 3. Post Intermediate & Advance
  • Does the initial Spanish course have the same structure as the intermediate & Advanced?
    No, the Intermediate Spanish Courses are focused on improving your speaking skills. At the end of the course you will be able to discuss current events and issues, explain your own views and give the reasons for them, use strategies such as turn-taking, showing interest and asking questions to keep the conversation going, understand idiomatic language, and discuss different topics. The Advanced Courses are focused on Art & Culture, History & Literature from Spain and Latin America. Students will learn about the history of Hispanic culture, Spain`s contribution to the cultural heritage, about our literature and writers, our artists, understanding the topics, you will be reading, listening, and watching videos and making presentations. You will master the subjunctive, indirect speach, conditional tense, possibility and unreality, concordance of subjunctive.
  • Can I postpone my Spanish course in case of illness, work, or similar reasons?"
    Yes, you can postpone the Spanish course but you need to notify a week or 10 days in advance to give your place to another student
  • If I need to, how do I cancel my Spanish courses?"
    We need a weeks notification prior to the start date, because these Spanish courses are popular and in high demand
  • Can I get a refund once the course is started?
    Unfortunately, we don't do refunds once the course is started. Cancellations need to be done 10 days before for giving an opportunity to another student who is waiting for a place (we have a waiting list). We only consider to refund 25% for illness. We also invite you to come to the following course. We have costs on our own. For the course to be available we need a certain amount of people, to book the venue, prepare the course, print the material, do travel arrangements...).
  • How big are the groups?
    No more than 6 and 8 students each Spanish lesson
  • Are the course tutors specialised in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language?
    Yes, all fully qualified and with years of experience.
  • Where are these courses held?
    Spanish Lessons are held in bars, cafes, restaurants and meeting rooms in Glasgow, Musselburgh, North Berwick, and Haddington. The classes are communicative, fun, informal and sociable having a coffee, a glass of wine, or a bite to eat
  • Are these Spanish courses held only in Glasgow and Edinburgh?
    We started these Spanish courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh but now offer courses in East Lothian (Musselburgh, North Berwick, Aberlady and Haddington). Our Spanish lessons have become very popular so we considering expanding the business to cover Stirling, Aberdeen, Perth and Inverness - Watch this space !
  • Do your Spanish courses follow the government´s sanitary recommendations in relation to Covid?
    Of course. Weekend Coffee & Spanish has always followed the sanitary recommendations and restrictions during the pandemic, giving preference to online classes, one-to-one, and smaller group sizes. Now that restrictions are being lifted we have increased class sizes to 12-15
  • How do I know my level and the type of Spanish course I need?
    We offer a free Online 30m trial to talk about your needs, check your Spanish level, and recommend the most appropriate course for you. This can be done in person in Musselburgh or Glasgow having a coffee, or on Zoom if you live in other locations, where you can also have a coffee or a glass of wine!
  • How is the atmosphere of the Spanish groups?
    The Spanish groups are informal, fun, dynamic, with lots of activities, games, and conversation. The Spanish lessons are super sociable where you will make new friends on whom you can speak and practise your Spanish.
  • Are Tapas and Spanish Events held every month and where?
    They are only reserved in advance for birthdays and celebrations. They are private catering events. Call us for more information MOB: 07925 205106 or use the contact form on the website.
  • How can I pay for my Spanish Lessons ? Can I get an invoice?
    We always recommend to pay online to keep your place safe. The spaces are limited. However, you can pay for your Spanish lessons through the website, by bank transfer, card or in cash. We will send you an invoice as soon as the course has been paid (if is required).
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